Prank your friends with Call Bomber! Send up to 1,000 pre-recorded prank calls with just one click. Start Call Bombing now!

Note: This tool is only for fun or prank , we do not store user number or any data

What is Call Bomber?

Call Bomber is a fun and easygoing tool designed for entertainment purposes only. It lets you play harmless pranks on your friends by calling their phone numbers.

Please remember to utilize this tool responsibly and ethically. Excessive or malicious use of this tool could have negative consequences and violate terms of service.

How Does Call Bomber Work?

To quickly call someone, you must take the following actions: 


Step One

Enter a 10-digit mobile number without any spaces to begin Call Bombing. Then Agree Our Terms & Conditions. 


Step Two

Select the “Start Now” button and wait for the data to be validated. 


Step Three

Once validated, the calling process will begin immediately.


Automated Calling:

  • Call bombers automate the process of dialing a phone number repeatedly. This can result in the target’s phone receiving a high volume of calls within a short period.

Caller ID Spoofing:

  • It allow users to spoof their caller ID, making the calls appear from different numbers. This can make it challenging for the target to block a specific number.

Customizable Settings:

  • Users may have the option to customize settings such as the frequency of calls, duration, and intervals between calls, making the attack more dynamic and challenging to mitigate.


  • It may provide anonymity to the user, making it difficult for the target to trace the source of the calls.

Targeted Attacks:

  • It may sometimes allow users to specify a particular phone number as the target, directing the barrage of calls to a specific individual.

How to Stop Call Bombing?

When you bomb someone’s number, a stop button is given there; clicking on it stops the call bomber immediately.

frequently asked questions

Is Call Bombing Safe?

Yes, It is safe to use, and it can’t be used to harm people.

What Makes it Unique?

Unlike similar tools, Call Bomber provides a state-of-the-art service with unique call bombing technology, customizable possibilities, and an intuitive UI.

How Do You Protect Yourself From Automated Calls and SMS?

It is straightforward:
1. Install TrueCaller.
2. Log in with your mobile number.
3. Enable the spam protection section.

Is There a Limit on the Number of Calls I Can Send?

There is no limit on the number of calls you can send with our tool.

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By using our prank call service, you agree that the calls are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used to harass, threaten, or cause distress. Users are solely responsible for their actions and must comply with all applicable laws. Our company is not liable for any misuse or consequences arising from the use of our service.